Trigonella anguina

Trigonella anguina Delile

Common Names

حندقوق (Arabic)

Languages: English



A glabrous to sparsely white-hairy, annual herb with prostrate stems, many-branched from the base. Leaves are 3-foliate, with acuminate stipules. Inflorescence is an axillary umbellate raceme bearing flowers with yellow corolla. Fruit is a sharply folded pod enclosing 2–6 ovoid, smooth seeds.

Ecology and Distribution

Global Distribution

Macaronesian Islands, north Africa, Sinai, Arabia, southern Iran, Pakistan, Introduced Into tropical Africa.

Distribution in Egypt

Nile region, Mediterranean region, Egyptian desert and Sinai.


Sandy deserts, alluvial soils, silty depressions.

Life Expectancy



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