Plantago arenaria

Plantago arenaria Waldst. & Kit.

Common Names

حب البراغيث (حَب البراغيت) (Arabic)

Languages: English



Height: (10-)15-50(-80) cm.

Ecology and Distribution

Global Distribution

Europe, North Africa, southwest Asia to Pakistan, cosmopolitan as introduced.

Distribution in Egypt

North Sinai, Nile Valley North of Nubia (Location: Delta), Nile Valley North of Nubia (Location: Fayium), Nile Valley North of Nubia, Nubia, Libyan Desert Oases, Nubian Desert Oases, Isthmic Desert, Galala Desert, Libyan Desert, Nubian Desert, Gebel Oweinat.


Sandy and alluvial soils, often as weedy or ruderal.

Life Expectancy



  • Plantago indica L. (synonym)
  • Plantago psyllium L. (synonym)
  • Plantago ramosa Asch. (synonym)
  • Plantago scabra Moench. (synonym)
  • Plantago scabrum Holub. (synonym)


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