Juniperus phoenicea

Juniperus phoenicea L.

Common Names

Phoenician juniper (English), عرعر (Arabic)

Languages: English



It is a monoecious shrub or tree that reaches up to 6 m. Juvenile leaves are acicular, while mature leaves are 0.8-1.2 mm, ovate-rhomboid, densely imbricate. Male strobili are 3-4 x 2.5-3 mm; while female cones are 2.5-3.5 mm diameter, globose, deep violet.



Height: to 6 m

Ecology and Distribution

Global Distribution

Mediterrannean region, Sinai extending to Central Arabia

Distribution in Egypt

Isthmic Desert (Location: Maghara  - SpecificLocation: Halal Mountain), Isthmic Desert (Location: Maghara  - SpecificLocation: Yelleq Mountain), Isthmic Desert (Location: Maghara  - SpecificLocation: Maghara Mountain). 


Rocky Ridges,


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