Hordeum vulgare

Hordeum vulgare L.

Common Names

بهمى (بَهمى، بُهمى) (Arabic), شعيريه (شَعيريه)، شعريه (شَعْريه) (Arabic)

Languages: English

Ecology and Distribution

Global Distribution

Cultivated throughout temperate regions of the world.

Distribution in Egypt

Nile and Mediterranean regions, Egyptian desert, and Sinai.


Cultivated cereal (Barley) often escaping into the wild.

Life Expectancy



  • Hordeum hexastichon L. (synonym)
  • Hordeum sativum Pers. (synonym)
  • Hordeum distichon L. (synonym)
  • Hordeum sativum Pers. (synonym)
  • Hordeum tetrastichum Stokes (synonym)


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