Hedysarum coronarium

Hedysarum coronarium L.

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Hedysarum coronarium is a sparsely appressed-pubescent perennial herb that reaches up to 30-80 cm with branched stems. Leaves are compound imparipinnate with 3-5 pairs of 1-3 x 1-1.5 cm, elliptical to obovate-orbicular leaflets which are glabrescent on the upper surface, and pubescent on the lower. Flowers are with reddish-purple and arranged in 8-30- flowered racemes. The fruit is a pod with 2-4, quadrangular, glabrous, and spinulose segments.



Height: 30-80 cm

Ecology and Distribution

Global Distribution

Southern Europe and Western Mediterranean Region.

Distribution in Egypt

Mareotic Sector, Libyan Desert, Nubian Desert, Gebel Oweinat.


Waste Ground,  Propably Escape From Cultivation.

Life Expectancy



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