Frankenia pulverulenta

Frankenia pulverulenta L.

Common Names

مليح (مُلّيح، مِلِّيح)، مليخ (مِلِّيخ) (Arabic), خيت (خِيّت)، حمره (حُمره)، غبيره (غُبَّيْره) (Arabic), غبيره (غُبَّيره) (Arabic)

Languages: English

Ecology and Distribution

Global Distribution

Macaronesia, Portugal, Mediterranean region, Sinai, Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, central and north Asia; Introduced everywhere.

Distribution in Egypt

Nile region, oases, Mediterranean region, Egyptian desert, Res Sea coastal strip and Sinai.


Moist saline soils, edges of salt marshes, roadsides.

Life Expectancy



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