Cistanche phelypaea

Cistanche phelypaea (L.) Cout.

Common Names

هلوك، زب الأرض (Arabic), زب الديب (زَب الدِيب) (Arabic), دوانين، دواويل (Arabic), دان الجن (دآن الجن) (Arabic), ذانون، ذالول (Arabic), ترفاس (تُرفاس)، طراثيث (طَراثيث) (Arabic)

Languages: English

Ecology and Distribution

Global Distribution

Southern Portugal, southern Spain, Crete, north Africa, Sinai, Arabia.

Distribution in Egypt

Nile region, oases, Mediterranean region, Egyptian desert, Res Sea coastal strip and Sinai.


Desert sandy and alluvial soils, edges of cultivation, on woody species of Chenopodiaceae and Zygophyllaceae.

Life Expectancy



  • Lathraea phelypaea L. (synonym)
  • Orobanche tinctoria Forssk. (synonym)
  • Phelipaea lutea Desf. (synonym)
  • Cistanche lutea (Desf.) Hoffmanns. (synonym)
  • Phelipaea tinctoria (Forssk.) Brot. (synonym)
  • Orobanche phelypaea (.) Wallr. (synonym)
  • Cistanche tinctoria (Forssk.) Beck (synonym)
  • Cistanche phelypaea (L.) Cout. (synonym)


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