Ambrosia maritima

Ambrosia maritima L.

Common Names

Sea ambrosia (English), Oak of Cappadocia (English), دمسيسه (دَمسيسه) (Arabic), دمسيس(دِمسيس) (Arabic), دمسيس (دَمسيس) (Arabic), دمسيس (دِمسيس) (Arabic), غبيره (غُبَّيره) (Arabic), غبيره (غُبَّيره) (Arabic), نعنع (نَعْنَعْ) (Arabic), تنوم (تَنّوم) (Arabic)

Languages: English



Aromatic, grey villose-canescent annual or short-lived perennial. leaves 2-6 x 1-2.5 cm, 1-2-pinnatisect, the lobes oblong-ovateand staminate capitula 2.5-3 mm diam., sessile in nodding dense spicate inflorescences 2-6 cm; florets 8-20; corollas 3 mm, tubular, yellow, pubescent outside; anthers with a conspicuous appendage, pistillate capitula axillary, greenish; involucre reticulate-nerved, tuberculate.fruiting involucre 4-5 x 3-3.5 mm, accrescent, ovoid, tapering to a 1 mm beak and 5-7 horn like appendages around the middle; achenes 3-3.5 x 2-2.5 mm, subglobose to ovoid, epappose,
firmly enclosed by the involucre.



Height: 20-60(-80) cm

Ecology and Distribution

Global Distribution

Mediterranean region.

Distribution in Egypt

Nile Valley North of Nubia at Delta and Nubia, Libyan Desert Oases, Nubian Desert Oases, Mareotic Sector and North Sinai.


Nile and canal banks, moist ground.

Life Expectancy

Annual or perennial.


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