Acacia seyal

Acacia seyal Delile

Common Names

سيال (سَيّال) (Arabic), طلح (طَلْح) (Arabic), سليح (سِليح) (Arabic)

Languages: English



A small slender tree with flattened crown. Bark greenish, covered with greenish-yellow or orange-red, powdery meal; young branches are covered with brown glands. Leaves with 3–6 pairs of pinnae, each carrying 10–16 pairs of leaflets.Flowers bright yellow with strong spicy smell in a capitate inflorescence. Fruit is a linear dehiscent pod.



Height: 6-12 m.

Ecology and Distribution

Global Distribution

Egypt, Sudan, Tropical East Africa, Southern Arabia.

Distribution in Egypt

Nile Valley North of Nubia (Location: Aswan).


Nile Banks and Islands.

Life Expectancy



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